Ourhistory 2019 Psdi

SHL Group 30th Anniversary Autoinjector designed by SHLwins Medical Design Excellence Awards      

Ourhistory 2018 3

Established SHL Medicalheadquarters in Zug, Switzerland   Completed brand-new63,220m2 Liufu office space andmanufacturing facility in Taiwan

Reached 3,700employees worldwide   First patient treated with newversion of precisionneurosurgical accessory   Launched partnership with NYCstartup QuiO to forge nextgeneration of self-treatment

TruePurpose mattress systems

Launched TruePurpose line forpressure care mattress systems   Began production of CIGS solar cell manufacturing equipment

Ourhistory 2017

Reached 2,500 employees worldwide   Signed second LOI to invest 40million USD in Taiwan withMinistry of Economic Affairs

Ourhistory 2009 Ppi

SHL Group 20th Anniversary Awarded Red Dot ProductDesign for Precision PenInjector (PPI®) device