Full Time Taiwan TY

PDAP_Assembly Process Engineer


1. Identify variables in a device and how these variables occur in the manufacturing process.

2. Assess the criticality of these variables based on device function and manufacturing capabilities.

3. Plan tests to find the limits of critical variables.

4. Design fixtures and methods to reproduce critical steps of the assembly process.

5. Find solutions to reduce the likelihood of operator related errors.

6. Configure software for the test machines.

7. Organize activities to comply with the intent of regulations and standards.

8. Document results from tests.

9. Imagine new design features and manufacturing concepts to improve manufacturability/efficiency.

10. Communicate and pull in relevant information (either yourself or through another person if language is a barrier).

11. Participate in developing process control strategy.



A. Execute (occasionally) repetitive tasks with passion

B. Aid (temporarily) in driving tasks that are the responsibility of other people/departments

C. Educate yourself about areas that doesn’t fall directly under your responsibility

D. Make attempts where the chance of success is low (but the benefit of succeeding is high)

E. Work proactively towards higher level objectives

F. Maintain transparency and welcome people to disagree with you

G. Aim to standardize your work method/documentation, but also aim to keep documents to a minimum

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