Full Time Taiwan TY

PDAP_ Senior Automation Engineer

Job Content:

1. Specify, verify and transfer automation equipment to Manufacturing that meets or exceed expectations in terms of lead-time, compliance, quality, performance, yield, availability and output

2. Support and provide historical data to the Process Team to identify what assembly steps needs to be de-risked/tested in the lab

3. Review test fixtures and methods developed by the Process Team to ensure that these are workable

4. Support the Lab Team for routine builds (e.g. early marketing samples).

5. Review assemblies, test data and report findings to the Process Team for routine builds (the Process Team is responsible for non-routine builds)

6. Translate the process defined by the Process Team into requirement specifications for Suppliers (e.g. stop on force/distance, center part on dimension X)

7. Translate risk analysis into requirement specifications (e.g. component might break – supplier shall have a camera inspection)

8. Work together with the Manufacturing Department on requirement specifications (e.g. the equipment shall fit into an area 5 by 4 meters)

9. Communicate with Suppliers regarding what they can and cannot fulfill in the requirement specification

10. Review designs made by Suppliers

11. Acceptance testing of equipment built by Suppliers

12. Support the Validation Department

13. Transfer knowledge to the Manufacturing Department

14. Support the Manufacturing Department in root cause investigations

15. Work together with Suppliers, the Manufacturing Department and the Validation Department to maintain and improve general specifications (e.g. table height, allowed materials) and workflows (e.g. Validations Department shall approve materials before Supplier starts building equipment, ensure that the equipment can operate for 8 hours before it leave Supplier)


1. SolidWorks or GOM Inspect or Pro/E AutoCAD or CNC machining.

2. Good command of English reading, writing and communication ability

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