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SHL partner in connected pen injectors, Innovation Zed Ltd., forges new commercial partnership with A. Menarini Diagnostics

Insulcheck 200211 W1200On January 28, Innovation Zed Ltd., a developer of connected health solutions, entered into a commercial partnership with diagnostics and preventive medicine company A. Menarini Diagnostics to market the insulin pen “InsulCheck Connect” add-on device.

InsulCheck Connect is an innovative device that is compatible with various conventional insulin pens1. A connected device solution that serves as a secondary aid in the management of diabetes, InsulCheck Connect can record the time and frequency of injection and send this data to the patient’s mobile device. SHL is the official partner of Innovation Zed in the design and development of connected solutions for pen injectors.

“As Innovation Zed’s partner in connected pen injectors, we see this new commercial partnership as part of every stakeholder’s shared commitment in creating enhanced services in the drug delivery market, eventually benefiting the patients, who are the end users,” Christian Keller, SHL’s Director of Engineering Solutions said.

Meanwhile, Dean Minnock, Director of Business Development at Innovation Zed, affirms the promise of this commercial agreement, citing A. Menarini Diagnostics’ years of expertise in providing healthcare products and services, as well as its strong commitment to developing fully integrated products.

With the increasing importance of digital technologies and its advantages in improving the future of healthcare, SHL is actively collaborating with digital healthcare companies to further develop and establish connected devices and remote care services that will help improve disease management .

A full copy of the official press release can be found here.

1Please refer to “InsulCheck Connect” website for a list of compatible insulin pen injectors

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