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SHL presents newly consolidated core values

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Responding to the rapid growth and expansion of SHL Group around the globe, a new management structure has been introduced to the company to further optimize internal operations and allow for clearer boundaries and scopes of responsibility. With this change came the introduction of SHL’s newly consolidated core company values, which further emphasizes SHL’s dedication to customers and employees alike.

SHL’s Core Values are based on four key concepts – We Care, We Innovate, We Deliver, and We Learn, each with a focus further explained below. Firmly rooted in these fundamental values are our Leadership Principles, which uphold the company’s key principles of operation and development, including Sharing Knowledge, Standardized Work, Demand Driven Flow, Scanning the Horizon, Accountability, and Continuous Improvement.

4 Our Value Tree

We Care

With a focus on people – As a company we strive towards high ethics and respect for the individual. We want people to develop and grow during their time with us and treat them as the valuable resources that they are.


We Innovate

With a focus on value – We strive towards technological and scientific leadership, setting the industry standard. We aim for rich variation by simple means and customer excellence through our innovative solutions.


We Deliver

With a focus on customers – We deliver value to our customers and strive towards customer satisfaction. We desire customers to view us as both a flexible and reliable partner. We can achieve this through continuously working to reduce throughput time for our services and products.


We Learn

With a focus on quality – We continuously learn and improve, and strive towards becoming a “Learning Organization.” We must be quality leaders in everything we do – both as individuals and collectively as a company.


As a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems such as autoinjectors and pen injectors, SHL understands the importance of adhering to strict regulations, uncompromised quality standards, and overall world-class professionalism. SHL also believes in professional and personal growth for everyone at the company, as talent transcends knowledge and skills. Striving for high-functioning teams, stronger collaboration, as well as greater productivity and efficiency, SHL aims to improve business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

About SHL

SHL Group is a world-leading solutions provider in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery devices such as autoinjectors, pen injectors and advanced inhaler systems. We also offer core competencies and services in the fields of medtech and patient care solutions. With locations in Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, China and the US, our experienced engineers and designers develop product enhancements as well as breakthrough drug delivery and patient care solutions for pharma and biotech clients globally. Significant investment in R&D has enhanced our broad pipeline of next-generation drug delivery systems that support ongoing innovations in drug development and digital healthcare. This includes advanced reusable and disposable injectors that can accommodate high volume and high viscosities and can be enhanced through digital implementations.

With over 4,800 employees worldwide, SHL Group consists of several distinct group companies:

SHL Medical designs, develops and manufactures advanced drug delivery devices, as well as provides final assembly, labeling and packaging services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe.

SHL Healthcare develops and manufactures equipment solutions for home, hospital and long term care use.

SHL Technologies provides contract manufacturing and engineering services for the production of complex medtech and industrial products.

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